Music Wave
Physical Computing / Interactive Installation 2019
SVA IXD Midterm Project
Soothing interactive light sculpture to help people calm down and relieve stress.
Ideation, Industrial design, Prototyping, Coding, Modeling

Liz Wang, Samantha Brooks
2 weeks

The Problem
According to a new American Psychiatric Association (APA) poll, almost 40% of Americans are more anxious than they were at this time. In consequence, over 14 % of US adults has tried meditation to reduce their stress.
Source: TIME

How might we using technology to help people do mindfulness exercises and relieve stress ?
The Ideation
We came with the idea of building an interactive music box.
Users can use this box to make soothing sound and interact with the vibrant light.
Parametric Modeling
I used grasshopper & rhino to make the 3d model of this installation.
Physical prototyping 
Testing, Debugging & Iterative 
Final Working Prototype 
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